Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenervest Private Limited?

Greenervest Private Limited is a unique startup specialising in green energy investment and EPC services. Our primary objective is to support and finance projects related to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, or biomass. As an investment portal, we seek opportunities to fund and partner with promising renewable energy initiatives. We offer fractional ownership in Renewable Energy Projects to Retail Investors.
Additionally, as an EPC company, Greenervest offers Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services for Renewable Energy projects. This involves managing the entire lifecycle of a project, from design and equipment procurement to construction and installation. Our expertise extends to areas like site assessment, feasibility studies, system integration, and project management.

How do I invest in green energy projects through Greenervest Private Limited?

To invest in green energy projects through Greenervest Private Limited, you can follow these general steps:
1. Check Projects Available for Investment: Start by going through the Projects Page on the Website of Greenervest and view the available investment opportunities.
2. Contact Greenervest: Reach out to Greenervest Private Limited to express your interest in investing in their green energy projects. They may have a designated contact person or an investment department that handles inquiries from potential investors.
3. Evaluate the Available Investment Opportunities: Greenervest Private Limited provides you with details about the specific green energy projects available for investment, alongwith their potential returns, associated risks, timelines, etc.
4. Due Diligence: Check the due diligence report made by Greenervest on the projects and the company where the Project is being set up. It's also advisable to consult with a financial advisor or professional for additional guidance.
5. Investment Agreement: Once you decide to proceed with an investment, you will be required to enter into an investment agreement or contract with Greenervest Private Limited. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions, investment amount, projected returns, and any other relevant details.
6. Monitor and Engage: Once your investment is made, actively monitor the progress of the green energy project. Greenervest Private Limited will provide regular updates on project developments, milestones, and financial performance. Maintain open communication with Greenervest and seek clarification or additional information whenever necessary.

What criteria does Greenervest Private Limited use to select projects for investment?

 1. Environmental Impact: Greenervest Private Limited gives to priority to projects with a positive environmental impact. We assess the project's potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy generation, conserve resources, or contribute to overall sustainability.
2. Financial Viability: Greenervest evaluates the financial feasibility and viability of the projects that we consider for funding. This assessment includes analyzing the project's return on investment, projected cash flows, revenue generation potential, cost structure, and profitability.
3. Technical Feasibility: We also assess the technical feasibility of the project, including the reliability and efficiency of the technology being employed, the availability and suitability of the resources required (such as solar or wind resources), and the project's engineering and construction aspects.
4. Regulatory and Policy Landscape: Greenervest considers the regulatory and policy environment related to the project. We assess the project's compliance with local laws, permits, and regulations.
5. The Company and Team: Greenervest assesses the Company and the team for whom the project is being set up. We consider the experience and track record of the Company and its promoters, the project's timeline and execution plan, and the risk management strategies in place. In addition, we also closely look at the Financials and the Credit Rating of the Company before agreeing to fund a Project.

Can I invest in multiple projects simultaneously?

 1. Diversification Options: Greenervest Private Limited provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their investments across multiple projects. Diversification helps spread investment risk by allocating funds to different projects, technologies, or geographical locations. By investing in a diversified portfolio of projects, investors can potentially mitigate the impact of any individual project's performance on their overall returns.
2. Limitations or Requirements: There are certain limitations or requirements associated with investing in multiple projects simultaneously. These include minimum investment amounts per project, restrictions on the number of investors per project .
3. Dividend Distribution Process: The process of distributing dividends or returns to investors will also depend on the specific terms established by Greenervest Private Limited with the Company where the Project is being set up. We distribute returns periodically, such as annually or semi-annually, or based on project-specific milestones or cash flow events. The distribution process involves transferring funds directly to investors’ wallets on the Greenervest Portal / App or to the investor’s designated bank accounts. The exact details, timing, and frequency of dividend distribution will be communicated by us in the invitation to invest document for the particular project.