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Invest in green assets

Investing in green energy projects with Greenervest Private Limited is a streamlined and transparent process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Explore Investment Opportunities:

— Browse through our portfolio of projects on our investment platform.

— Gain insights into each project’s details, including technology, location, financial forecasts, and expected returns.

— Choose the investment opportunity that aligns with your investment goals and sustainability values.

Due Diligence: Once Greenervest decides to take up a project, our finance and legal team conducts comprehensive due diligence to assess its feasibility, financial viability, and environmental impact.
We analyse factors such as project economics, regulatory compliance, permits, site conditions, Credit rating of the Company where the Project is being implemented and Power Purchase Agreements to mitigate risks and ensure project success.
These due diligence details are made available to every prospective investor to enable them to do an analysis of the Project, based on their risk appetite.
We encourage you to seek independent financial advice and review the agreement before making an investment decision.

Investment Agreement: Upon completion of due diligence, we provide you with an investment agreement outlining the terms and conditions, financial projections, and expected returns.
We encourage you to seek independent financial advice and review the agreement before making an investment decision.

Fund Transfer: Once you’re ready to proceed, transfer the investment amount to the designated account.
We ensure secure and transparent payment processes to protect your investment.

Project Execution and Monitoring: Our team initiates the project execution phase, overseeing all aspects of project development and construction.
We provide regular updates on the project’s progress, keeping you informed about key milestones and performance metrics.

Returns and Dividends: As the project generates revenue, you receive your financial returns according to the agreed terms.
Dividends are typically distributed periodically, providing you with a steady income stream.
Invest with Greenervest Private Limited and drive positive change through sustainable investments.